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About the employees: Roman Rymar

About the employees: Roman Rymar

About the employees: Roman Rymar

Roman Rymar

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When the “Master-Neft” administration provided a list of employees about whom we need to print an article, my eyes immediately caught the name of Roman. I confess, I immediately imagined a person with harsh character, firm hand, and whose prudence suggests that he is a master of his craft. It was nice to know that I was not mistaken in my expectations. As Roman said, the army, which made him disciplined and gave him the ability to achieve goals, played an important role in the building of his character.

Many young people dream of becoming conquerors of the bowels of the earth whose pantries keep the countless deposits of black gold. That was the dream of Roman, a native of the southern parts of the Komi, a resident of Nizhny Odes. He knew Usinsk for a long time: he worked on a rotational basis in the oil companies. Six years ago he joined the Oil Company “Master-Neft” LLC.

The company was recruiting, Roman found out about it, applied and was accepted as an assistant driller. The skill of Roman and his ability to learn a new things, his thorough approach to business pretty soon helped him climb the career ladder. Now he is a master at underground repair of wells and workover. There are six people in his crew, they work in shifts – both day and night. High-tech production base and timely technical support allow to tackle the tasks set by “LUKOIL-Komi” and “LUKOIL- Western Siberia” within the time limit. Of course, the company places the highest demands on the quality of repairs. The professionals of “Master-Neft” are successfully coping with all the tasks.

Roman Rymar: “We have a large volume of work, the main customer is “LUKOIL-Komi”. Our work should be of proper quality, we should not be ashamed of our work, so I try to inculcate a responsible attitude into the crew.”

And it is impossible to do it differently, as well servicing and workover is the most time consuming process in the oil industry. Complex work requires the use of special equipment: rigs, turbodrills, drill pipes, cementing units. There is actually the whole cycle of works to be performed: squeeze cementing, repair and renewal operations, fishing. In short, even the layman understands the scale of such a production revival, how important it is to do everything technically correct to breathe new life in wells. Roman’s crew does the job perfectly, often bringing their rationalization proposals.

Roman has had such training and discipline since the army. He served in the Far East, in the Amur Oblast, in the town Svobodny (like another sign of destiny). He served in the railway troops, in the mining company. He started as private and became a warrant officer. Responsibility, conscientiousness and ability to work in a team – these qualities have always helped him to achieve results in the service and in the profession.

Work on a rotational basis is similar to service in the army. You leave home, work for some time side by side with oilmen, it forms a kind of brotherhood. And after hard workday, Roman comes home and becomes not a harsh conqueror of the bowels of the earth but a loving husband and father.

When talking about his family, Roman is smiling: “The full composition! Wife, daughter and son!”

Roman and his wife Ekaterina are even working together, she also works in “Master-Neft”. His daughter Marianna is studying in the fourth grade, and his son Oleg is a first year student in college. He wants to become a driller like his father.

While the husband and wife work, children are with their grandparents. When another working week ends, the whole family gathers together. Family celebrations are an important part of Roman’s life. They spend a lot of time at dacha, try to find time to go to the forest, and Roman and his son love fishing and hunting.

And then again starts laborious, hard work that requires high attention and skill, honed over the years. Again another professional task that is set for Roman’s crew by his working life in the oil industry, and again there is no doubt that everything will be done perfectly. After all, he can not imagine his life without his beloved profession and the Oil Company “Master-Neft” that has already become a home.