+7 (821) 444-23-31 , +7 (821) 442-23-27

Production base

 Technical support of crews:

  • Maintenance and hydraulic testing of blowout equipment.
  • Implementation of emergency (readiness of support base workers around the clock) and daily requests for providing crews with drill string and equipment.
  • Manufacturing of nonstandard blind box and spare parts on metal processor.

Equipment of support base:

  • Metal processors park includes pipe-threading machine СА901 and 1М983, screw-cutting lathe 1К62, perforator 2К522 and 2Н150, shaping machine 7Б55 and FUZA, hacksaw apparatus ОН – 280.
  • Lathe “TOP-MASTER” is intended for screwing (unscrewing) the threaded connections of oilfield equipment with a specific time.
  • Hydraulic test bench on strength, density of body materials and shutter of blowout equipment.
  • Test bench 1IS is meant for testing of hydraulic hammers (jars) and hydrogenics amplifiers (intensifiers) in production or repair departments conditions.
  • IR 500 – tensile machine, meant for calibration and verification of GIV – 6 and IVE– 50.