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Vladimir D. Petrov

Director General

  • Work experience in the oil industry – more than 30 years. Have been working in oil business for more than 30 years. Before having been promoted to the position of general director he was an assistant of workover driller, senior master, chief of the workover and underground repair of wells department.
  • Graduated from Tyumen State Oil and Gas University. Specialty –  oil and gas fields development.



Artur S. Rogotskiy

Deputy Director General for General Issues







Denis A. Leonov

Chief Engineer

Graduated from:

  • Neftekamsk Oil College in 1999. Specialty – “Maintenance and repair of motor transport”.
  • Ural State Academy of Mining and Geology in Yekaterinburg in 2002. Specialty – “Mining machinery and equipment”.
  • Bashkir State University in 2010. Specialty – “Finances and Credit”.

Work experience in the oil industry – 15 years.

Phone: 8 (82144) 2-77-15 (103)


Svetlana G. Rocheva

Chief Accountant

Phone: 8 (82144) 2-77-15 (105)








Olga Y. Kuzmina 

Leading Company Lawyer

Graduated from Moscow Academy of Finance and Law in 2010. Specialty – “Law”.

Phone: 8 (82144) 2-77-15 (135)






Svetlana I. Konnikova

Leading geologist

Graduated from Izhevsk Oil Technical School in 2009. Specialty – “Development and exploitation of oil and gas fields”.

Phone: 8 (82144) 2-77-15 (128)





Konstantin Y. Veprickiy

Leading Processing Engineer

Graduated from Ukhta State Technical University in 2009. Specialty – “Development and exploitation of oil and gas fields”.

Phone: 8 (82144) 2-77-15 (107)






Pavel V. Zabrodin

Head of Production and Technical Department

Graduated from:

  • Ukhta Mining and Oil Technical School in 1985. Specialty – “Oil and Gas Wells Drilling”.
  • The National Open Institute in St. Petersburg in 2009. Specialty – “Finances and Credit”.
  • Ukhta State Technical University in 2011. Specialty – “Development and exploitation of oil and gas fields”.

Phone: 8 (82144) 2-77-15 (107)




Karina Y. Effa

Deputy Chief Accountant 








Maria I. Chernyh

Leading Accountant on fixed assets and settlements with suppliers

Graduated from Kirov Agricultural Institute in 1983. Specialty – “Accounting and business analysis in agriculture”.

Phone: 8 (82144) 2-77-15 (113)






Eugenia S. Suhareva

Leading Finance Accountant 

Graduated from:

  • Arkhangelsk Commercial and Economic Technical School in 2006. Specialty – “Economics and Accounting”.
  • All-Russian State Distance-Learning Institute of Finance and Economics in 2012. Specialty – “Finances and Credit”.
  • Phone: 8 (82144) 2-77-15 (114)





Olga A. Tretyakova

Leading Payroll Accountant 







Gennady A. Prokopenko

Leading Power Engineer

Graduated from Novoanninskii Agricultural Technical School of mechanization and electrification of animal husbandry in 1983. Specialty – “Mechanization and Electrification of Animal Husbandry”.

Phone: 8 (82144) 2-77-15 (106)





Sergey F. Sadovskiy

Leading Specialist of Production and Technical Department








Irina V. Kryuchkova

Leading Economist







Aleksandra P. Khlynova

Leading Accountant of Payroll and Inventory Holdings







Armine I. Pozharishchenskaya

Leading Payroll Accountant







Dmitriy I. Savchuk

Leading Specialist of Logistical Support 







Elena V. Kaptyug

Leading Specialist of Personnel Department







Vladimir A. Korolenko

Chief Geologist







Irina P. Gorbunova

Personnel Director







Irina V. Gorbunova

Specialist of Personnel Department







Ruslan R. Aminov

Specialist of Logistical Support







Ruslan R. Basyrov

Engineer on Work Quota Setting and Wage Rate Fixing







Aleksey N. Effa

Deputy Chief Engineer for Safety Engineering, Labor Protection and Environmental Protection








Liana R. Aksenova

Secretary to Management